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[10 Apr 2005|01:49pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Hee hee, just so Danny doesn't know I'm showing him off to even more people *giggles* I hath been rather sly and thought I\d post a pic on my old LJ...it's one of my phone....taken off webcam...confusing but yesh, you can't see much, but you can tell a very vital thing, he has floppy hair. Another vital thing I am afraid you can't see, is his hawt lip ring <3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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[22 Feb 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Just been told Blink have split to spend more time with their family =O
I wonder how Brett is...hope he's ok <3

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[21 Feb 2005|08:12pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

1. Choose 10 people from your friends list at random
2. Write something about/to each of them.
3. Don't tell anyone who the statements are about. Good or bad. No matter how much they beg.


1. We don't really talk much...actually, we rarely talk at all. But you're dead cute and make me piss my pants laughing with your witty comments x

2. I never talk to you. Never really have either. I'm sure you're a nice person though x

3. You peffing rock pretty missus! We talk quite a bit and although I aint actually met you yet I love you to bits! You're so random and cute x

4. Um...who are you? =s

5. Once again...who are you?

6. Ahhh only met you a couple of times but I love youuuu <3 Met you through a band like many of my friends, and you're just great, you're always there for a chat and have helped me out in the past, and I've a lot to thank you for, hope to see ya soon chuck!

7. We don't really talk much, and we used to be so close. I was always so scared of hurting you so I feel it's better this way. I really care for you, and think about you all the time. You've been through some shit and I just wish I could've helped you more. You have changed a lot, but only on the outside, on the inside you're still the same person <3

8. I think I've only met you once, but all the same I think you're lovely <3

9. Sometimes I love ya sometimes I hate ya. More than often I love ya. <3

10. I miss you alot =( Like. Loads. I love you so peffing much....you're just...perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. I don't think you like me. I'd say I don't care but I do...I really really do. You're amazing, you don't think that, that's what makes you special, because you are. I'm rambling now... <3

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[05 Feb 2005|07:16pm]
[ mood | refreshed ]

Had SUCH a fun day! Went to Pizza Hut with Lidz, Ally, Kat and Pip and woooo it was fun! Then we went round town [and omgoodness there was such a fit boy I ran away] and we just peffed about and it was great! Here are my pix from today =D I took loads more but my photography skills weren't so great so all you could see was my fingers in most of them =p

Tis Pipe

Kat hiding from the camera

Ally posing

The ex-radiator crew and friends

Kat and Pip

Ex-radiator crew! [RIP Radiator <3]

Too cool for youuuuuuuuu

Cam whoring's in the genes....meet my mum

Me and mum

Me and mum again [I look like a monkey]

Me attacking mum


Love Ed -xx-

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[28 Jan 2005|09:36pm]
[ mood | okay ]

From now on, my LJ shall be Friends Only...so ya, comment if you'd like to be added [Watch noone comment Lmao]

Love Ed -xx-

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[19 Oct 2004|09:42pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Ive done pap all today, no Harry Hair, no Aaron from V so is their any wonder I have become slightly obsessed with boys...kissing...each other :p Ive spent all peffing night looking at pix, mainly Doug lookalikes, yes I am a perve :p But its so hot! Argh seriously! <3333333

Also not long till Natz's birthday wahooop, cant wait! Especially now we've got something rather wakad going on ;)

Piss my pants. ;)

Corrrrrrr emo-gay-boys <33333

Ed xxx

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[18 Oct 2004|08:17pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Me and Lidz saw Harry Hair so much today :o In case ya didnt know its this amazingly fit sixth former with current eyes, he knows hes cool, and so he should, coz he is! We saw Aaron from V too in the canteen, ok ok, not THEE Aaron from V, but near enough, he's like, his double, seriously, Lidz got star struck when she went past him once LMFAO All he needs to do is a bit of V bopping and wahey! It's Aaron! Ok *Must shut up* But ahhhh <3

What else, umm, felt like a reet loner in English, Alex is away so I was all alone *Bursts into song* Im nottttttt alooooooone *ahem* anyway, as I was saying, I was all alone, so I had to join up with 2 rando peeps when we had to join up, poor me :p

Anyway got home, did more on my Art c/w, stitching on the scales, Im gonna make some flounces tomorrow coz they look like waves, then I'll attach them diagonally like a sash across the front, hmm what else, dunno, but Ive reet enjoyed making it =D

Went online and ahhhhhhh I might be seeing me redheads again soon, at Meadow Hall, it all depends if I can find some non existant spare cash, hmm, hope I can see them, theyre peffing great stuff <333

Oh my gosh, how orgasmic are these gay Danny and Dougie lookalike pictures?! Seriously, ahhhhh <3333333 My new icon rocks, gay boys <33333 Weird Ed fetish going on here lmao :p

Anyhoo back to MSN I shall go,

Just thought Id bore you with a little insight of my day,

Au revoir,

Ed xxx

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[17 Oct 2004|07:20pm]
[ mood | creative ]

So what have I done today? Poop all lmao Only got up at about 4 haha coz I never went to bed last night, I stayed up so I wouldnt miss Popworld, and then I went to bed.

Gosh, I haven't made an icon today, must be slacking, I'll go make one now :p

Did more work on my mermaid today, I've started attaching the scales to the tail, done patterns and crap with glitter glue round the top bust bit and some on the straps, not that itll make a difference, I did it on the wrong side of the straps, Im such a twonk, then I got my glitter spray and sprayed the whole of my mermaid, its looking not too bad <3333

Thats it really

Ed xxxx

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[17 Oct 2004|04:50am]
[ mood | bored ]

I'm blogging, for no particular reason, it's 10 to 5 in the morning and I need to stay awake. If I go to bed now I wont be up in time for Popworld...

I could stick Doug Sausage sticks in my eyes, but then Id be like O O
At my computer lmao, looking like a reet twonk.

Ive made more icons, Im tired though, so they're poop :p

I dont know why I make loads of icons, its not like anyone uses them lmfao oh well, passes the time ;)

Argh wheres Tasharrrr gone, come baaaaack! <333

Umm warning for everyone, apparantly theyre keeping track of WinMX users, so if you're caught downloading owt, you're fined. Im not gonna use it for a while.

I got a new bra today [/rando] Its well cute, pink with dark pink ribbon lining <333

In 'She Will Be Loved' he really does sound like hes saying 'loafed', go listen to it RIGHT NOW and see, dunno why I shouted just then, just passing time I guess, you dont really have to go listen now, but whenever ya do, listen for it.

So um yeah what else can I talk about, umm dunno.

Ah well, Ill peff off and make some more icons :p

Ed xxx

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[16 Oct 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I missed all the morning TV dammit! I woke up at 4pm lmfao so thats 14 hours sleep! Go me!

Woke up only coz mum rung me and my mobile was on loud, she was ringing to see if the house was ok, coz well, things got a bit out of hand last night...

They threw more eggs, so me and my mum stormed round to Danny's house. He grabbed hold of her and hit her, so she pushed him. Then he slammed the door in her face so she banged on the door to make them open in it, and she kinda smashed the door window by accident. So she walked off to calm down, then Danny opened the door saying "WTF?!" and I threw an egg at him in the house. Toss Face.

Anyway Busted were on Ant and Dec <33333 Wicked performance <33333

Art courseworks coming on great :)

Right, mums shut up gabbling on phone so MSN here I come, I'll make a few icons too, which reminds me, Emma your icons so :o

Ed xxx

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[15 Oct 2004|07:41pm]
[ mood | devious ]

OMG How fooking cool.

*Sings* Now Im a teenage rebel...

Ok, not really but me and my mum did just go pelt a load of eggs at this house [/cool]

This proper peffer on my street called Danny chucked an egg at our house, mums so peffing sick of him doing shit like this, and his parents do fuck all, so mum was like,right, 2 can play at that game. So we got 2 eggs each and went and pelted his house. See how he likes it. Piss 'ead.

Haha I loaf it when my mums like that, shes well cool! <333 x

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[15 Oct 2004|06:09pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Yo yo yo!

I was well tired this morning, I got up and then fell asleep on the sofa, when I woke up I was like ARGH PEFF. Lmao.

What else has happened today *thinks* I dunno, but Ive laughed alot.

This cow was well tight to Katie today. I mean, I know I cant stand Katie and she completely annoys the peff out of me but coming up to her for no reason and calling her a "Fucking warthog" is proper tight. And who's she to talk she looks like a peffing buffalo/gorrilla. Gawd, scallies, they think theyre so peffing great, the peffing toss faces.

How embarrassing. The other day I bared ma butt coz I forgot to zip ma skirt up and today I send my shoe flying in the air when I was trying to get revenge. I was so embarrassed, and Lidz just ran round the corner pissing herself laughing Lmfao :p x

Ooo my Paper Hearts Guestbook now has background music...guess what song....Paper Heart <333 Gosh Im obsessed with that song, tis my url, guestbook, background music and the lyrics are on my LJ background. I peffing loaf it though <333

Weekends here, I'll catch up on my sleep hopefully lol

Done proper bo on my healthy eating plan, Im rather proud :D x

Mums booking me an appointment, she supposefly did it days ago, but she lied to shut me up, twonk! But shes promised to ring Monday, so hopefully in a few months I shall have a brace. I hope I dont have to wear it too long, like 2 years, I wanna have it on like 6months/year. So fingers crossed peeps. I think Id have to have a tooth taken out mind, coz I have quite a small mouth :p Damn. I still want a couple capped too, I dont like the shape...

Gosh Im rambling

*Shuts up*

Hooble Doop tiddly peeps

Ed xxxx

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[14 Oct 2004|09:13pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Twas weird not having Ally there today gawd shes not even in the same country, shocking :o

Oooo ooo I've made a new layout, not that good but I just wanted an excuse to mess around with my new brushes lmao

Oooo me and Tasha have another crave planned, hope Lidz can come too, Im sure she will =D x

Loaf Ed x

PS - I spent almost an hour making one icon, ya know what, after all that hard work, I think I'll use it myself.

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[14 Oct 2004|07:12am]
[ mood | tired ]

Umm not much has happened....

Lidz loafs Daany

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[12 Oct 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

Today was ok I did well good with my healthy eating. Ive had a piece of pie =D

Art was cool, my mermaids coming along quite well :D x

How much does it cost to have your teeth capped?

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[11 Oct 2004|07:02pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

I cant peffing get on MSN! ARGH! I want to talk to people!

Hmm how annoying....anyway I've made a site for my icons, and I've changed all the html so its pink and white =D Tis pretty basic at the moment, but go have a look and tell me what you think :)


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[10 Oct 2004|07:37pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ahhhhhhhhh had a great day, but I'm not going too write it up because I know how badly Tasha wanted to come, wish you had been there chuck, I really wanted to see you again!

Thanks to everyone who made the day wakad and rando <3333

Loaf [Eddie001]



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[08 Oct 2004|10:33pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Well I have been such a perve today lmfao my belly button was sore coz I'd been wearing a silver bar so I was rubbing it....it looked a tad dodgy...so I added sound effects hahaha ;)

What else? Oooo Im actually wearing a skirt. Mainly because no one can see me. I dont wanna blind anyone. Haha I look like one of the 2 fat ladies. Ya know them who cooked? hahaha


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[06 Oct 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Ok, this entry is dedicated to Tasha.
Me, you and Lidz. Best friends. Partners In Crime. Thats what we are now and we always will be. Even if the worse comes to worst and you have to live with your dad, we'll text, phone, write, speak online, and even though it wont be as often as we do now, we'll meet up and go on our infamous little rando trips. Me and Lidz will always love you and you'll always be our best friend no matter how far away you live. We havent known you that long really but it seems like we've been friends years, we get along so well and can trust to tell anything, your a true friend, and the thought of losing you is, well, I cant even begin to explain.
I hope you get to stay in England at least then you wouldnt seem so out of reach. Ive shared so many amazing times with you, I know theres plenty more to come.
Basically, what Im trying to say is, I love you xxx

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[05 Oct 2004|09:15pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

PS - HAHAHA how dodgy does my mood icon look?!

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